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Journal Club Meeting

A Journal Club meeting was routinely scheduled in the University Institute of Medical Lab Technology (UIMLT) on 13th Sep, 2018. It aims to promote professional development, keep abreast of the medical literature and to provide a platform for learning and practicing critical appraisal skills amongst faculty members. In the meeting, Dr. Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza, Assistant Professor, UIMLT delivered a very informative presentation on “Effect of Biocides on Biofilm Bacteria from Dental Plaque”. In his talk, he raised awareness pertaining the use of biocides for anti-plaque effects in oral care formulations. Dr. Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza placed emphasis on reducing the bioburden (total microbial load and different pathogenic isolates within that dental plaque biofilm) and also suggested appropriate oral hygiene methods such as daily brushing, flossing and rinsing with antimicrobial mouth rinses for maintaining a normal flora. He also recommended that we should rinse mouth at least for 40 seconds to inhibit the growth of oral isolates. Furthermore, he highlighted the fact that self-medication, extensive, long term and improper use of chlorhexidine mouthwash might cause resistance in microorganisms leading to the transfer of these genes to other dental microbiota.

  • Jounal Club of Dr Ghulam Murtaza
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