University of Lahore

One day Workshop on Project Formulation
The University of Lahore 1 - KM Defence Road, Lahore

One Day Project Formulation Workshop

University of Lahore intends to be a leading university in providing opportunities to develop interests in scientific research. One Day Project Formulation Workshop was organized for the faculty members of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences from 7th to 9th August, 2018 (3 Batches of one day each) at Auditorium-1. The 2nd of the series of this workshop was held on 16th August and 11th September, 2018 for the faculty members of University Institute of Medical Lab Technology (UIMLT), at Lahore School of Nursing (LSN) conference room. The workshop was organized by Research Project Committee and Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), University of Lahore. The aim of the workshop was to meet current challenges/ requirements of researchers working in the field of science at University of Lahore. The other objective of this workshop was to promote research and development activities in areas relevant to national needs.

In the first session of this workshop Mr. Adil Qamar Noor, Assistant Director ORIC, introduced the participants of the workshop with the ORIC policies for paper publication, participation in seminars and conferences as well as to the ORIC funded projects. He familiarized the faculty of UIMLT with the reimbursement options of registration fee and the options of travel grant. 

He also introduced the participants with different research funding agencies that are supporting several research projects in Pakistan. He discussed with the participants about the components and format of projects funded by different funding agencies including ORIC, Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) including National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) and Technology Development Fund (TDF). This session ended with the detailed discussion about the research project funding and addressing the issues that are confronted in getting research grants.

In the next session, Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb, eminent scientist from University Institute of Diet and Nutritional Sciences, University of Lahore gave a comprehensive introduction about project development. He highlighted in detail about the components and formulation of research projects. The needs of improvement in quality and standard of research education to conform the national / international needs. He motivated the faculty of University Institute of Medical Lab Technology by sharing his vast knowledge and experiences related to research and formulation of research projects.

In the follow-up meeting, Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb shared his success and failure stories with the participants of workshop. His experience aided the workshop participants to think in an innovative way to know how they can avail new opportunities to get funding for research projects. Furthermore, an activity was created for participants to design the research project and filling the application for Project Research Grant. The activity session was followed by group presentations and detailed discussion. At the end of this motivational and informative workshop, certificates were distributed to the participants followed by group photographs.

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