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Jounal Club of Dr Shahid Bashir

To keep generating interest in research among the faculty members, weekly Journal Club Meeting was organized routinely in the University Institute of Medical Lab Technology on 19th July, 2018. In this meeting Dr. Shahid Bashir, Head of Department, Doctor of Diet and Nutritional Sciences (DDNS) delivered a talk on “Emergency Nutrition”. In his talk, he highlighted that hunger and malnutrition are widespread among refugees and displaced population. This represent around 40 million people worldwide, comprised of infants, children, adolescents, adults and elderly people suffering from one or multiple forms of malnutrition. The deficiencies of iodine, vitamin A and iron are common in emergency-affected populations. In addition, scurvy, pellagra and beriberi frequently occur in populations entirely dependent on food aid. The level of risk of malnutrition in emergencies depends on factors such as   unavailability of food, lack of access to health services, and inadequacy of assisted delivery. Dr. Shahid Bashir also placed emphasis on the basic concepts in nutrition in emergencies, measuring under-nutrition in individuals, requirement of micronutrients and feeding methods in emergencies in under-nutrition individuals. This informative session generated discussion on emerging trends in emergency nutrition.

  • Jounal Club of Dr Shahid Bashir
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