University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Nazar Ullah Raja

Head of Department

The field of Medical Laboratory Technology is of vital importance as it is the backbone of all the Medical Sciences. It is a professional education without which a proper diagnosis of diseases is not possible. This department is offering Five years DMLS (Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences), Mphil and PhD programs. Medical Laboratory Technologists are professionals who have the technical expertise necessary to perform a wide variety of routine and specialized tests on patient specimens.

MLTs in various specialties collect and process specimens, analyze results, and interpret findings. The results of these tests provide important information. In fact, up to 85 per cent of all clinical decisions are based on laboratory testing data. The knowledge and expertise of the MLT contributes to innovation in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and medical conditions. The aim of this course is to produce health care professionals equipped with the advanced knowledge and skills to perform competently in all areas of medical diagnostic laboratory.


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